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  1. Heal Your Life
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Story behind Inspired Mind

How do you feel right now? Are you happy? Sad? Depressed? Annoyed? Tired of everything and everyone?
Wherever you are in life right now you created it, you chose it whether you were aware of it or not. Most likely you were NOT aware otherwise you would definitely avoid some of the circumstances you pushed yourself in.

And before you reject this idea look at the other side of it-since you created your past you can create your future as well. The only difference is that you can learn to create with purpose and not by default. Because you were creating by default and that’s why we are here!

I was also creating by default most of my life. I was reacting to the life circumstances I was presented with because I didn’t know any other way. My dad died when I was two years old. I don’t remember anything about him. I only had pictures and stories that weren’t so accurate. I always felt that void, that emptiness. I felt unprotected especially since my mom struggled a lot to recover after his death. I was born in a small country in South Europe where life is viewed as something hard and gloomy. Always under pressure financially, always wandering what if… what if he didn’t die, what if I wasn’t the only child, what if…

And I can tell you, with every passing day I was becoming more and more insecure, scared of life, and scared about my future. I felt like I was not enough, like I was outcast, I was different. Since my teenage days I had thoughts of how would it be just to leave this world…it’s not worth living, there is no joy, it’s only struggle and suffering. So I started punishing my body. I developed an eating disorder that I struggled with for the most of my adult life, for more than 15 years.

Deep down I was hopping that there is something more, some peace of happiness out there, just for me.
Life brought me to USA when I was 21 years old. My struggles didn’t subside with the change of location. If anything they were emphasized.

One glimpse of light for me was the book The Secret that was just published at about that time. Some people might like it, others may think it’s too simplified and commercial, but the point is that it was my “ticket” out and I grabbed it! After that I started reading anything I could find in self-help sector. I turned back to my “first love” psychology and for years I worked on building myself up. I already had business degree but that wasn’t what I wanted to do in life so I went back to college and studied psychology. I worked with different coaches that helped me set clear goals and build my self-esteem. I got training with some of the biggest self-help gurus, Tony Robbins and Louise Hay.  

I invested all my time and my energy to create the life I want! It was a process that took many different turns and a lot of time. But I am grateful for every experience, good or bad, because it made me who I am now. I took charge of my life and decided to STOP being a victim! I realized that no one could do it for me. I have to be the one. I had that one life to live and if I don’t make the best of it no one will. I couldn’t turn back time and make my dad alive, but what I could do is make myself my own hero and my own protector.

The moment I realized that it was up to me and that I CAN and I WILL take charge, my life changed. It is not about changing your life circumstances. It is about changing the way you look at your life circumstances!! That is the whole point of the change. However, words don’t teach. Actions do. And constant striving for being the best you can be is what will take you where you want to be.


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So answer these simple questions: What do you want? From life, from yourself, from the Universe? What kind of relationship do you want? What financial circumstances do you want? And most importantly what kind of person do you want to be? Do you want to be the victim or you want to be strong? Do you want to wake up HAPPY every morning? (and it is possible trust me!!!! That was my sign that I made it! When I started waking up happy about yet another new day I realized what the life is all about!!!)
These are all questions that you MUST answer NOW! It is the most important thing you will ever do for yourself. Get to know yourself, define what you want from life.
Now when you have the big picture what is the next step? The big NOW WHAT! It is not as hard as you think! If you can imagine it you can achieve it! You would not get an idea if you don’t have the ability to make it happen. Someone invented electricity remember? Someone built a first plane and even a space shuttle!!! There is a way for everything. The only question is are you up for it!
Are you ready to live your full potential? Are you ready to be happy? Are you tired of struggle already??? Do you have what it takes???
Let me tell you something-You do have what it takes!!!! We all do! And you DON’T have to do it ALONE! There is a full support system created to guide you! Steps are mapped out for you, ideas generated for you, coaches right in your corner cheering for you and giving you specific and on the point advice. All of that is already in place and waiting! However, the first step is up to you. You must be brave and meet us half way. You must step out of your comfort zone and start living!