Zaklina  Palmblad

Zaklina graduated with BA degree in Psychology at the University of Las Vegas Nevada, and she has an AA degree in Business. Her passion for studying human psyche started many years ago, while she was attending high school in Montenegro, South Europe.

While taking the route of traditional education, her passion for spirituality and laws of energy took over and for the past eight years she was studying and living by the principles of Law of Attraction. She tested many different techniques herself, and now she is living an amazing life filled with joy and deliberate creating. She used affirmations and creative visualization many times and manifested a life that she was only dreaming about a few years ago.

She followed the work of Louise Hay for many years and when the opportunity presented itself she made a leap of faith and got certified as a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader. She is a certified life coach and her passion is helping people getting over any thought blocks that are preventing them from being happy, healthy, and successful. She is combining her academic knowledge in the fields of psychology and business with Louise’s approach in order to help her clients achieve best possible results. She believes that we are constantly learning and developing spiritually and mentally and she deeply enjoys helping people reach their full potential and recognize their life purpose.

Her main guiding principle in business is “I walk my talk” meaning that everything she is guiding her clients through she tested herself and is applying it in her own life.

Enid Medina, New Jersey

Christina Cunnison
San Francisco, CA, USA

Zaklina delivered with confidence and preparedness. Her soothing, calming voice created a peaceful, easy ambience. Her treatment of the topic was professional and with the wisdom of an old soul although she is in her late 20’s. Shee seems totally invested in the Louise Hay philosophy.
Zaklina brings such a warm and loving energy. She really creates a beautiful container for everyone to connect and deepen their spiritual growth. She also provides so many wonderful insights and provides guidance that is supportive and compassionate.
Thank you!

Lorraine Rozario

Angela Nalbantu-Florida

Thank you for an enjoyable presentation and workshop. It was professional and well delivered. You have a special way of bringing the participants to a place of calm and understanding. Good energy.
Zaklina is one of my favorite teachers. She is really invested in the process and her guidance and insights were very valuable for me.