17 Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment to Add Flair to Your Rental Space

Renting an apartment means dealing with an uninspiring bathroom that doesn’t suit your personality or style.

Imagine how hard it will be to walk into a plain bathroom, with nothing pleasing to the eyes.

Well, how about switching it up to match your personality and style?

I’ll share with you the most creative and renter-friendly decorating ideas that you can use to make your apartment’s bathroom aesthetically pleasing.

Whether looking for something elegant or colorful, you will find something that works for you.

Keep scrolling to discover different ways to create your dream bathroom without breaking the bank!

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Place a towel rack.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Place a towel rack.
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/woodworking/comments/185d8nw/towel_rack_for_your_consideration

Having many towels in the bathroom is fine if you have a beautiful rack. The rack is minimalistic, but it speaks volumes.

Place it next to the shower for easy reach.

Switch up the walls with a removable wallpaper.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Switch up the walls with a removable wallpaper.
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CxsU5qQOTou

A beautiful and classy wallpaper is a fun way to decorate your bathroom. With so many designs and colors, there must be something for you.

The floral design of the wallpaper brings life to the bathroom walls.

Add some flowers.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Add some flowers.
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/BtIbLPdFDVb

Putting some flowers in a vase and placing them on the countertop will make the bathroom smell nice and add a touch of vibrance.

A unique vase for the flowers will be a plus. If you do not like bright colors, then white roses are the best choice.

Decorate your windowsill

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Decorate your windowsill
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/ChpY2yhqhd4

The window should not only let the light in. Decorating it with unique items like a boat as shown in this image will make your bathroom feel homey. You can even choose other unique items such as plants or flowers.

Add some floating shelves.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Add some floating shelves.
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/woodworking/comments/1bsj2ev/floating_shelf_complete

Floating shelves are a creative idea for adding more storage space to your bathroom. The plain wood is a smart way to add a different texture to your bathroom.

You can also add LED lights under each shelf for more light.

Accentuate your wall.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Accentuate your wall.
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/C48WOSUr9Q4/?img_index=1

An accent wall can elevate the bathroom by being different from the rest of the walls. Pick a design that would make the room feel wider than it is.

This purple tiled wall adds a great contrast.

Incorporate some artwork.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Incorporate some artwork.
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/oddlysatisfying/comments/u01yk8/this_ceiling_bathroom_mural

Instead of an accent wall, you can have a dedicated wall for artwork that you like. You can have as little or as many paintings or drawings as you prefer.

The mural would be the first thing that you look at.

Put a stylish vanity mirror.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Put a stylish vanity mirror.
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/C6_14k8o_4L/?img_index=3

Who said that looking at yourself has to be through a plain mirror? Get a stylish mirror that is unique.

The edges of the mirror elevate its design.

Add a few vines.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Add a few vines.
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/ShowerPlants/comments/njyx5l/a_happy_girl/#lightbox

A few vines in your bathroom will make you feel like you are taking a shower in nature. This aesthetic works well with someone who loves being outside.

Place them next to the shower.

Swap the shower curtain with a colorful one.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Swap the shower curtain with a colorful one.
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/AmateurRoomPorn/comments/f2xwb1/my_san_francisco_bathroom_just_moved_in

Be bold and choose a colorful shower curtain for a statement piece. A solid color or a patterned one would work best for you, depending on your preference.

The floral shower curtain screams class.

Add a few vintage statement pieces

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Add a few vintage statement pieces
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/Cm-avTNNxA1

Imagine taking a shower while looking at a vintage piece you have used to decorate your shower.

You will think it is a fairyland because it will take you back in time. The sink and the table have added a vintage look to the bathroom.

Cover the old tiles with peel-and-stick tiles.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Cover the old tiles with peel-and-stick tiles.
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/interiordecorating/comments/y9713d/diy_floor_tiles

You might be unlucky and rent an apartment with old-fashioned tiling. That does not mean that you have to get stuck with that.

The pattern on the tiles brightens up the space.

Update the light fixtures.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Update the light fixtures.
Source – https://twitter.com/archdigest/status/737997701112029184

Changing the light fixtures to the ones that fit your style is another way to make you enjoy the time you spend in the shower.

Choose a piece that goes well with the color of your bathroom.

Hanging the lights over the mirror also makes it easier to look at yourself in the mirror.

Add a few potted plants.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Add a few potted plants.
Source – https://twitter.com/Tojimato/status/1320388589214023680/photo/4

Do plants excite you? If they do, incorporate them in your bathroom to feel like you are walking through a beautiful garden.

The potted and hanging plants add color to the white bathroom.

Update the countertops.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Update the countertops.
Source – https://preview.redd.it/spalted-ash-harvested-from-my-back-pasture-air-dried-11-v0-t16ztwbolkna1.jpg?width=1080&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=1615ee0a1903871077cc71d006057ee73b44621e

Getting the right countertops that match the rest of the bathroom style would complete the revamp.

Be creative when choosing the right countertop. The wooden countertop is a stylish yet unique piece.

Use a unique toilet paper holder.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Use a unique toilet paper holder.
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/DidntKnowIWantedThat/comments/b1fa5y/too_cute_lamb_toilet_paper_holder

Make your bathroom stand out with a unique toilet paper holder. Go all out while looking for the right one.

Everyone will want this lamb toilet paper holder.

Get a new showerhead.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Get a new showerhead.
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CPu1HyasmLk

Don’t use a boring old showerhead that came with the apartment. Install a wide showerhead that fits the theme of your bathroom.

The gold rainfall showerhead brings an element of elegance to the bathroom.

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