19 Green Narrow Bathroom Ideas For A Relaxing Retreat

This post shows you the best Green Narrow Bathroom Ideas to try today.

For the longest time, I wondered how to elevate my narrow bathroom into a refreshing and relaxing oasis.

The bland walls and floor were distasteful, and there wasn’t much I could do with limited space.

I finally decided to incorporate some green, and my bathroom turned out amazing, transforming into a calm and relaxing retreat.

I’m excited to share some ideas and tricks you can use to add green and elevate your narrow bathroom.

Keep reading to discover incredible ways to bring your imagination to reality and create a masterpiece from your bathroom.

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Green Narrow Bathroom Ideas For A Relaxing Retreat

Moody dark green

Green Narrow Bathroom Ideas - Moody dark green
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/interiordecorating/comments/15zcx6u/what_color_would_go_with_these_green_tiles/

Create a luxurious, green and moody haven in your narrow bathroom.

This unique design allows you to add personality to your bathroom, rather than the usual clean white look.

To pull it off, use dark green wall paint and tiles and incorporate warm, light pockets to enhance the effect.

Ivory-green accent

green narrow bathroom ideas - Ivory-green accent
Source -https://www.instagram.com/p/CKJ8nzsnNGm/

Adding an ivory-green accent is an effective and less overwhelming way to bring some life to your bathroom.

The color is striking and instantly elevates your space into a relaxing sanctuary.

Take it a notch higher by introducing texture to that accent wall.

Gorgeous green wall tiles

green narrow bathroom ideas - Gorgeous green wall tiles
Source -https://www.instagram.com/p/CbJnxHPJkvs/?img_index=2

You will love floor-to-ceiling green tiles in your bathroom.

Consider the shade of green that best matches what you want; darker tiles will feel moody, while lighter shades will feel more playful.

Narrow tiles will also make the bathroom look higher.

Jungle Bathroom

green narrow bathroom ideas - Jungle Bathroom
Source -https://www.facebook.com/pottsinteriors/photos/a.364126057793250/735319747340544/?type=3

Transform your bathroom into a jungle with wallpaper.

I love wallpaper because it lets you explore and create a masterpiece in your space with the fine details of leafy trees or branches.

Bring your imagination to life because the possibilities are endless.

Half-up green bathroom

green narrow bathroom ideas - Half-up green bathroom
Source -https://www.instagram.com/smallbathroomdesign/p/Cq3pzxWh1q4/?img_index=7

A green bathroom can be sophisticated and modern.

Having the top half of your bathroom painted green is one of the cleanest and most innovative ways to introduce geometry and a relaxing ambience.

Paint the ceiling green for a wholesome effect.

Half-wall green bathroom

green narrow bathroom ideas -Half-wall green bathroom
Source -https://www.instagram.com/smallbathroomdesign/p/Cq3pzxWh1q4/?img_index=10

A bold green bathroom is a statement that you may want to have in your home.

A riveting way to do this is to have the bottom half of your bathroom green, including the floor.

You can use green tiles, paint, and even make it green three-quarters up for the illusion of a higher bathroom.

Half-down wall accent

green narrow bathroom ideas - Half-down wall accent
Source -https://www.instagram.com/kohler_india/p/ChzLK35PdRO/?img_index=1

If you don’t like too much color in your bathroom, adding a minimalistic accent is a great way to elevate your space.

Pick a strategic wall and paint half of it green downward.

It will make your bathroom look classy and introduce some relaxation and calmness.

Half-wall accent

green narrow bathroom ideas - Half-wall accent
Source -https://www.instagram.com/p/CbJnxHPJkvs/?img_index=1

Enhance your bathroom with a green accent wall for a pop of color.

If you don’t want to overwhelm your bathroom with green, choose a wall and paint the upper part green.

This detail will automatically draw the eyes upward and create a relaxing aura.

Floor-to-ceiling accent tiles

green narrow bathroom ideas - Floor-to-ceiling accent tiles
Source -https://www.instagram.com/smallbathroomdesign/p/C6GuNCnxagA/?img_index=7

Consider a floor-to-ceiling accent tile wall to add a green punch to your bathroom.

You can play around with shades of green and tile textures, like mate or glossy.

A light pastel green shade is perfect for a bright aesthetic, while a darker shade will bring contrast.

Rich dark green walls

green narrow bathroom ideas - Rich dark green walls
Source -https://www.instagram.com/bathrooms_of_insta/p/CKzVaV2HD3s/

Paint your entire bathroom walls green.

While it might seem daunting, a rich green shade with a soft finish will do the trick.

Picture the mood you want in the space to guide you on what to pick to create your relaxing haven.

One green wall

green narrow bathroom ideas -One green wall
Source -https://www.instagram.com/p/C0QBNSmNqWM/?img_index=2

Rather than committing to green for the entire bathroom, an accent wall is a great option.

Paint one of your bathroom walls green and experience a relaxing ambience.

If you prefer the wall to feel muted, choose a mate finish that won’t reflect much light.

Go all green

green narrow bathroom ideas - Go all green
Source -https://www.instagram.com/a.freckled.fawn.design/p/C5vemHDrgIh/?img_index=2

If you love simple yet intense walls, paint them green.

A deeper shade of green will do the trick in making the bathroom feel cohesive.

You can also paint the same color on the ceiling and door.

Aquatic green

green narrow bathroom ideas - Aquatic green
Source -https://www.instagram.com/mosaichousenyc/p/Cp57kq1JnFB/

Take a deep dive into a serene green space with glossy aquatic tiles.

This idea is especially appealing in the bathroom because it brings an aquatic aura, replicating nature.

You can place the tiles on the walls and floor and compliment them with green shower curtains.

Green texture

green narrow bathroom ideas - Green texture
Source -https://www.instagram.com/heidicaillierdesign/p/C6bJsFMLSQA/

Adding texture to a green surface is a sure way to elevate your bathroom.

Once you’ve chosen the color, explore different textures you can incorporate to spice up the space.

Simple vertical lines will make the bathroom look taller, while horizontal ones will make it appear wider.

Nature in your bathroom

green narrow bathroom ideas - Nature in your bathroom
Source -https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=870517635088201&set=pcb.870517975088167

Adding plants is a brilliant way of creating an outstanding nature theme in your bathroom.

Leafy plants will refresh the eyes, and you can consider hanging plants.

Pair this with dark green glossy tiles to maximize the effect.

Monochromatic tiles

green narrow bathroom ideas for a relaxing retreat - Monochromatic tiles
Source -https://www.instagram.com/redwagondesignny/p/C5lkF1xLMCn/?img_index=1

You can incorporate green monochromatic tiles to escape boredom and spice up your bathroom.

To do this, select green tiles with shades closer to one another and place them together in a harmonized pattern.

This design will add dimension to your space and a refreshing touch, even as an accent.

Green wall paint and tiles

green narrow bathroom ideas - Green wall paint and tiles
Source -https://www.reddit.com/r/InteriorDesign/comments/18lcv2e/ideas_for_this_kind_of_bathroom_layout/

Combining a green-painted wall and green tiles on the other is an intriguing way to bring relaxation to your narrow bathroom.

The green tiles on one wall add texture and dimension, while the plain green wall contrasts.

The effect is more cohesive when the tile and paint are a similar shade.

Jungle green walls

green narrow bathroom ideas - Jungle green walls
Source -https://x.com/FarrowandBallUS/status/1169021005538451456

If you prefer working on the wall paint, consider painting your bathroom walls jungle green.

The rich green color is not only a safe option but will also bring a mellow nature theme and vibrancy that your space needs.

You can paint all the walls or choose one or two as an accent.

Have fun with shapes

green narrow bathroom ideas -Have fun with shapes
Source -https://x.com/VictoriaPlumUK/status/1697901448875401297

Create a captivating space in your bathroom with shapes.

You can do this with various tile shapes, like hexagons or create patterns like herringbone.

The green tiles will refresh the space, while the shapes bring dimension and playfulness.

green narrow bathroom ideas for a relaxing retreat

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