17 Little White Bathroom Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

I find a white-themed interior to be calming and refreshing. If you are like me, having this atmosphere during your bathtime is all you need to uplift your spirit.

During my renovations, I realized that white is such a versatile backdrop to work with.

So, whether you are doing a complete makeover or only want to add a few stylish touches to your white bathroom, you can get creative in blending designs and textures to upgrade your space from basic to classy.

Keep scrolling as I share some ideas to inspire you.

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Choose a black and white patterned floor

Little White Bathroom Ideas: Choose a black and white patterned floor
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/RoomPorn/comments/82fm25/beautiful_bathroom_in_black_white_look_2544_x_3152

Take the eyes off the bright walls by having a black and white basket weave pattern on the floor.

Add a brown floor rug with black strips to match the cabinets and frames. The brown piece of art on the white wall gives a classy finish.

Use white and grey tiles

Little White Bathroom Ideas: Use white and grey tiles.
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/oddlysatisfying/comments/wmvekw/this_all_white_bathroom

The soft transition between white and grey adds a stylish touch to your bathroom. The golden details in the shower create a perfect balance.

Get a brown stool to match the gold.

Subway white tiles

 Little White Bathroom Ideas: Subway white tiles
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/RoomPorn/comments/lfaeak/this_modern_bohemian_white_tile_bathroom_1080_x

White subway tiles on the wall never go out of style. Use a black outline around the tiles to make it stand out.

Create a playful finish by using hexagonal white tiles on the floor.

White with matte black

 Little White Bathroom Ideas: White with matte black
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CY90786PRJ2/?utm_medium=share_sheet&img_index=2

Matte black on your frames, handles, and taps is a classic look. Give the white room a glossy finish for a perfect contrast.

Some fine black prints on the floor tiles will result in an elegant look.

Brass accessories

 Little White Bathroom Ideas: Brass accessories.
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ7W9zpMOLC/?utm_medium=share_sheet

Instead of neutral colors, choose brass for your shower handles, taps, and bulb holders. A patterned white wall will blend well with the brass.

The two big mirrors with brass frames further brighten the room.

Partway decorative tiles on the wall

 Little White Bathroom Ideas: Partway decorative tiles on the wall
Source – https://www.instagram.com/renoforprofit/p/CnnGsaqLHou

Having decorative patterns that end partway on the wall ensures that the white does not get overpowered.

Cover the floor with this pattern to achieve a dramatic look. The black shower frame and sink give an appealing balance.

Have a black cabinet

 Little White Bathroom Ideas: Have a black cabinet
Source – https://www.instagram.com/kateabtdesign/p/C471NjiuxMc

A black cabinet under a white sink gives a vibrant vibe. Add some golden touches to your cabinet to match the accessories in your bathroom.

Black prints on the floor will further polish the look.

Use wood-look tiles

 Little White Bathroom Ideas: Use wood-look tiles
Source – ://www.reddit.com/r/RoomPorn/comments/v3dugi/white_bathroom_views_of_san_francisco_bay_tiburon

For a natural and serene look, go for wood-like tiles for your floor and walls. Add some floor patterns to make it fancy.

Install some fancy lights for an extravagant look.

Combine white with a brown theme

 Little White Bathroom Ideas: Combine white with a brown theme
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/C2Nz2jCJGjl/?img_index=1

Get some brown furniture to add color to your white space. A brown cabinet, brown stool, and even a brown flower vase are a good pick.

Throw in a tiny brown rug to complete the look.

Add some art

 Little White Bathroom Ideas: Add some art
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/DesignMyRoom/comments/15pjye7/what_is_my_bathroom_missing

The black frame and art detail are a clever way to elevate your look. A round mirror will add a striking effect to the art.

The black cabinet handles and taps match the art.

Texture your walls

 Little White Bathroom Ideas: Texture your walls
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY/comments/14gk99p/just_finished_my_new_bathroom_hows_it_look/#lightbox

Your white walls don’t have to be smooth. Get a wall design with a rough texture to have an ultra-chic finish.

The long fluorescent tube on the wall brings attention to the texture.

Contrast the walls and floors

 Little White Bathroom Ideas: Contrast the walls and floors
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY/comments/1ap0rck/diy_bathroom_remodel

An all-black floor against an all-white wall creates a sharp contrast that speaks of class. The hexagonal floor tiles further elevate the look.

Match this with a black shower curtain and counter.


 Little White Bathroom Ideas: Houseplants
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/houseplants/comments/am7x8l/my_bathroom_setup_i_feel_like_i_need_some_more

House plants are great accessories to create a natural feel. Green blends well with white.

You can pick vases of different colors for a complete look.

Get a fancy carpet and curtain

Little White Bathroom Ideas: Get a fancy carpet and curtain
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CzoG-qLusJx/?img_index=1

You can add color to your white bathroom using only a curtain and carpet. Get a matching set with a soft color for a sleek look.

The large windows add warmth to the room.

Use white vj paneling

Little White Bathroom Ideas: Use white vj paneling
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CVyTB_mBE9s

If you want to add texture and contrast but do not wish to use tiles, a VJ paneling board will come to your rescue.

You can match it with a white horizontal window blind. The wooden candle holder, golden towel rack, and golden taps create a lively atmosphere.

Install a skylight

Little White Bathroom Ideas: Install a skylight
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CVyTB_mBE9s

A skylight is an innovative way to enhance the brightness of your white bathroom. You can install it directly above the bathtub to enjoy the view during your bathtime.

Balance the colors by having shades of grey on your floor.

A posh mirror

Little White Bathroom Ideas: A posh mirror
Source – https://www.instagram.com/kelseyleighdesignco/p/C6wucMMtT7p/?img_index=1

A fancy mirror will give your white bathroom a facelift. A rectangular mirror with a wooden frame elongates the room and makes it appear spacious.

The two pendant lights hanging from the ceiling give a lavish atmosphere to your bathroom.

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