18 Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas to Inspire Your Self-Care Sanctuary

This post shows you the best small bohemian bathroom decor ideas to try today.

For a long time, my small Bohemian bathroom was unattractive and uninviting.

I never imagined that it could be transformed into a beautiful and serene self-care sanctuary.

This was until I visited one of my interior décor enthusiast cousins who had the most amazing Bohemian bathroom.

He shared with me several décor ideas that I applied and completely transformed my bathrooms.

If you have a small Bohemian bathroom and you find it unattractive, I have excellent solutions for you.

Here are 19 small bohemian bathroom decor ideas to inspire your self-care sanctuary.

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Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas to Inspire Your Self-Care Sanctuary

Flower Forest and candles

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas:  Flower Forest and candles
Source – https://www.instagram.com/inspiring.decors/p/CthS6BDLvyr/?img_index=2

A combination of thick flower décor, candles, and other décor items such as glass, will transform your bathroom into a fantasy of self-care.

The many colors from the plant flowers and décor pieces make the bathroom lively and welcoming.

Lively flower wall

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas:  Lively flower wall
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/C7aCx2UyGk_/?img_index=1

Decorating the wall with a lively flowered wallpaper fills your bathroom with energy.

It is an excellent way to decorate a small bathroom because it takes no space.

Blissful blue Geometry

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas:   Blissful blue Geometry
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/C7u0DyWP9Lc/?img_index=1

The hexagon geometric pattern resembling a honeycomb creates a unique visual appeal adding sophistication to the color variation of the tiles.

The wooden stool décor and window frame bring a natural element and create balance.

Modern sophistication

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas: 
 Modern sophistication
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/C7atAbEsYny/?img_index=1

Though seemingly simple, this bathroom has elaborate décor elements such as the large mirror with black frames, wall-mounted sconces with white globes, gold fixtures, and deep teal paint.

The deep blue paint is especially unique and creates a bold and daring atmosphere.

Elegant marble

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas: 
 Elegant marble
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/C3lTdsHvWZL

The large grey marble tiles are one of the most unique décor elements and will transform your bathroom into a luxurious haven.

Occupying the floor, wall, and ceiling, the tiles create a simple design that makes your bathroom appear spacious and elegant.

Green and pink swirled tiles

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas: Green and pink swirled tiles
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/C7sd-jUtAGL/?img_index=1

These uniquely shaped and colored tiles create a spa-like ambiance, creating a refreshing environment.

The intricate patterns are visually appealing and are less monotonous.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas: 
 SpongeBob SquarePants
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CqcfJR9pMhK/?img_index=1

The vibrant cartoon character wall paintings create a playful and cheerful element to your bathroom.

Additionally, the cloud-shaped mirror with backlighting is creative and adds to the artistic atmosphere.

Simple elegant

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas: 
 Simple elegant
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/C5wnD1XIG6K/?img_index=2

The wooden tiles, woven mat, and woven plant basket offer a rustic touch that will make your bathroom unique.

The white tiles and the wire geometric frames provide sophistication for a modern look.

Green gold

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas: 
 Green gold
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/C5wnD1XIG6K/?img_index=5

The green wooden panels behind the cozy white bathtub and the yellow light strip communicate style and luxury.

The wooden side table and the brown woven rug offer simplicity and a rustic atmosphere.

Plants in the shower

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas: Plants in the shower
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/TrendingInterior/comments/xofpiu/bohemian_bathroom_decor_ideas

The white wall tiles provide a good backdrop as they contrast the dark green color of the green potted and hanging plants.

While the plants produce an earthy atmosphere, the black and white floor tiles create a modern look.

Vintage baskets

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas: 
 Vintage baskets
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/decoration/comments/13cxab8/some_boho_bathroom_decorations

The black and white tiles provide an excellent base for your bathroom, while the woven basket and straw bag add natural elements.

The hanging plant and the soft textiles provide a serene atmosphere.

Vibrant plants and baskets

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas: 
 Vibrant plants and baskets
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/decortips/comments/1c2jui4/boho_bathroom_ideas_that_will_transform_your

The natural and earthy color scheme and wooden open shelving provide a natural simple atmosphere.

Additionally, the hanging green plants provide a bohemian atmosphere and make the room energetic and full of life.

Wall art and plants

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas:   Wall art and plants
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CdEvLEWFyq5

The framed botanical prints match excellently with the vibrant green potted plant to give your bathroom an organic beauty.

The framed wall hangings with writings ensure that your bathroom walls provide an excellent focal point.

Art wallpaper and marble

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas: 
 Art wallpaper and marble
Source – https://www.instagram.com/tarrasdesignhouse/p/CsTiYYTtij8

The nature-inspired wallpaper with delicate trees creates a nature-inspired backdrop creating a serene atmosphere.

Additionally, the two round mirrors and the unique marble give your bathroom an elegant touch.

Matching curtain and mat

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas: 
 Matching curtain and mat
Source – https://www.instagram.com/jabali_collection/p/C4s7h9io48C/?img_index=1

The golden colors on brown curtains and mats have a huge contrast making the leaves pop.

The leaf graphic makes the bathroom vibrant and provides a natural atmosphere.

Wall-hangings, curtains and mats

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas: 
 Wall-hangings, curtains and mats
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CVkUGttlMQQ

The black and white curtain and mat with a perfume bottle graphic create a unique appearance for a bathroom.

The wall print and the wall hanging have soft colors to neutralize the bold black and white colors of the curtain and mats.

Under the ocean

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas:   Under the ocean
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CVkUGttlMQQ/?img_index=2

This ocean blue shower curtain and mats create a lively, vibrant, and tranquil environment in your space.

Matching the curtain and mat creates harmony and the deep blue colors contrast with the grey wall colors enhancing the visual appeal.

Mood lighting

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas: 
 Mood lighting
Source – https://www.instagram.com/decorlistings/p/C6vVkQPIGK8

The natural wood and neutral tones create a serene atmosphere and naturally marries with the mood lighting provided by the backlighting of the mirror.

The circular mirror is an artistic piece placed at the center of the wall enhancing lighting and making the room appear spacious.

Small Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas

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