20 Small Gray Bathroom Ideas To Update Your Space

This post shows you the best Small Gray Bathroom Ideas to try today.

I have always loved incorporating neutral shades of gray when styling my small bathroom.

However, gray is a neutral palette that can easily result in a bland look.

Thus, working with gray for your small bathroom space requires proportion and symmetry for the neutral materials to lift your space.

Whatever shade you pick for your small bathroom, several ideas can help you lift space from a pale to a cozy and warm feel.

From statement walls to fixtures and fittings, here are 20 inspiring ideas to update your small gray bathroom space.

Read on to unleash your creative side!

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small gray bathroom ideas

Add a Feature Wall

small gray bathroom ideas -Add a Feature Wall
Source -https://www.instagram.com/arnalphotography/p/C6vxbktuU3y/

For an eye-catching effect, add a gray feature marble wall to your small bathroom to match the gray fittings and fixtures.

The gray monochrome and marble look combined create a cohesive feel.

The style best suits small gray-toned bathrooms as it adds a dramatic impact that lifts your space from dull to exciting.

Wall Mounted Toilet and Cabinets

small gray bathroom ideas -Wall Mounted Toilet and Cabinets
Source -https://www.instagram.com/p/C1WRZeZMD7o/

Picture a gray minimalist bathroom with modern glass-divided shower space, a wall-mounted toilet, and cabinets above.

The minimalist idea saves significant space while offering a streamlined line look to your gray bathroom.

You can opt for this the next time you want to add the sense of a larger space to your bathroom.

Glass Floating Shelves

small gray bathroom ideas -Glass Floating Shelves
Source -https://www.instagram.com/janelockhartdesign/p/C2YVAs6BcSC/?img_index=1

The idea is to add small glass shelves to your gray-toned bathroom for an exciting look.

These custom glass shelves above the mounted toilet create the sense of a bigger space.

To add to the unique style, display plants, artwork, and decorative items on shelves for an updated touch.

Saturated Dark Gray Tones

small gray bathroom ideas -Saturated Dark Gray Tones
Source -https://www.instagram.com/black_design_journal/p/Cy35NsGqovc/?img_index=6

To minimize visual clutter, you can make a bold statement by saturating your walls with dark grey tones.

This idea creates depth and sophistication for your small space while enhancing the look of other fixtures.

The different textures from the walls and dark grey tones create a visually appealing space.

Tape Lighting

small gray bathroom ideas -Tape Lighting
Source -https://www.instagram.com/p/CwzzGTprNuy/?img_index=4

Add strip lighting to the recessed shelve for layered lighting that updates your small bathroom.

Strip lighting provides small gray bathroom spaces with a warm glow perfect for a relaxing mood.

The lighting idea will help your compact bathroom feel more spacious.

A Touch of White

small gray bathroom ideas -A Touch of White
Source -https://www.instagram.com/p/CLtBgVSH67m/

Create a visual contrast in your small gray bathroom by adding a touch of white to your vanity area.

The white on the wall seamlessly pairs with the gray shades from the fixtures and accents to update your bathroom space.

The idea balances color schemes where too many dark colors can be overwhelming.

Vanity Mirror and Lighting

sVanity Mirror and Lighting mall gray bathroom ideas -
Source -https://www.instagram.com/1212architects/p/C5vUsRqRw_7/

Add an elegant vanity mirror and strategic lighting on the sides.

This sleek and stylish idea will enhance brightness in your small gray bathroom.

This is a sure way to highlight the gray tones in your space and make your space appear bigger.

Play with Patterns

small gray bathroom ideas -Play with Patterns
Source -https://www.instagram.com/melindamandell/p/Cp3GTaivQmR/?img_index=1

Different patterns in a small gray bathroom update your room from a monotonous to a visually appealing space.

The rectangular gray tiles on the walls contrast with the custom hexagon flooring.

Meanwhile, the warm tones from the wood cabinet and the solid tones from the floor and walls create an illusion of an open space.

Clear Glass Partition and White Shower Tiles

small gray bathroom ideas -Clear Glass Partition and White Shower Tiles
Source -https://www.instagram.com/smallbathroomdesign/p/CwlpO1lS89K/?img_index=2

Use a clear glass partition for your small space to allow free light flow in the room.

This idea creates a seamless look while enhancing the sense of confinement to your small gray bathroom.

The white shower tiles also reflect natural light creating clear lines to improve the overall structure.

Incorporate Plants

small gray bathroom ideas -Incorporate Plants
Source -https://www.instagram.com/dreamlineshower/p/C48JcEOAtBV/

Another great idea is to add a pop of color to your small gray bathroom by adding hanging and potted plants.

A small potted plant atop the toilet cistern and a hanging plant from the ceiling will not take up valuable space.

The natural design updates your small bathroom into a clutter-free space

Recessed lighting

small gray bathroom ideas -Recessed lighting
Source -https://www.instagram.com/smallbathroomdesign/p/CwvC8G4xofP/?img_index=10

A single recessed light can add a modern touch to your gray aesthetic.

The recessed lighting built into the upper shelves provides warm illumination to your small gray bathroom.

The idea will help you maximize your shelf space creating the illusion of a bigger room.

Half Glass Shower Door

small gray bathroom ideas -Half Glass Shower Door
Source -https://www.instagram.com/p/CtYktJJK5ZU/?img_index=2

Installing a half-wall glass shower is a clever trick for your monochromatic small gray bathroom.

This idea perfectly creates the perception of a roomier bathroom.

The optical illusion created by the half glass will make your bathroom feel open and spacious.

Charcoal Gray Stripe Tiles

small gray bathroom ideas -Charcoal Gray Stripe Tiles
Source -https://www.instagram.com/bottegaartisan/p/C7D4gYxvJT0/?img_index=2

A shower area with charcoal gray stripe tiles adds more contrast and texture to the small bathroom space.

The idea effortlessly compliments the pale gray shaded flooring.

The texture from the large floor tiles and the stripe walls perfectly transitions for a seamless look.

ONYX Grey glazed tile

small gray bathroom ideas -ONYX Grey glazed tile
Source -https://www.instagram.com/somluxurytiles/p/C6_HqynNqkz/?img_index=1

The ONYX grey slab for your walls will feature a luxurious look for your small gray-toned bathroom.

The glossy finish and subtle contrasting veins on the ONYX wall and the mounted vanity achieve a more open look.

Go for this idea to add a modern look without overwhelming the compact space.

Large Rectangular Tiles

small gray bathroom ideas -Large Rectangular Tiles
Source -https://www.instagram.com/p/CNSLjrbHdRa/?img_index=4

This small bathroom space utilizes large gray rectangular tiles on the walls and floors to create an updated and flawless look.

The subtle texture of the large tiles offers a stunning contrast with the darker gray on the bathtub surface.

The enhanced aesthetics idea increases the perception of space in small bathroom spaces.

Statement Mirror and Pendant Lights

small gray bathroom ideas -Statement Mirror and Pendant Lights
Source -https://www.instagram.com/asloandesign/p/C6HKtF_LlFv/?img_index=1

Use stylish pendant lights above and just ahead of your vanity with a statement round mirror.

The pendant lights will provide ambient lighting to enhance the visual appeal of your small bathroom.

The idea for a stylish round mirror is to increase the depth and illusion of a spacious small gray bathroom.

Ambient Lighting

small gray bathroom ideas -Ambient Lighting
Source -https://www.reddit.com/r/archviz/comments/wwcc4u/simple_gray_tone_bathroom_design

A warm and inviting idea for your small bathroom space is to use ambient lighting.

The lighting around the mirror, and vanity, and the recessed lighting on the ceiling spark up the small space without taking from the compact space.

This excellent idea will help you achieve a visually appealing gray bathroom.

Half Length Frameless Mirror

small gray bathroom ideas -Half Length Frameless Mirror
Source -https://www.reddit.com/r/homeimprovementideas/comments/19e9gnf/just_finished_this_small_bathroom_what_do_you/

Position a half-length mirror near your bathroom window for a modern minimalist update.

The mirror will maximize natural light to create an illusion of space in your small bathroom.

You can use this idea to enhance the neutral gray pallet of your small bathroom contributing to a modern aesthetic.

Dark Porcelain Tiles

small gray bathroom ideas -Dark Porcelain Tiles
Source -https://www.reddit.com/r/InteriorDesign/comments/15y72ti/help_me_choose_a_design_for_my_bathroom/#lightbox

Update your bathroom with dark gray porcelain tiles for a natural stone look.

The unified color pallet from the sink, walls to fixtures and fittings balances the dark walls creating versatility in your small space.

The different materials and fixtures offer different accents to update your space.

Vanity Sink

small gray bathroom ideas -Vanity Sink
Source -https://www.reddit.com/r/InteriorDesign/comments/18lw4kw/feedback_on_potential_bathroom_renovation/#lightbox)

The small bathroom with a chic vanity sink flawlessly integrates with the dark gray-themed space.

The artistic vanity sink subtly compliments the clean lines while the light casts a gentle glow cooling the dark gray palette.

The simple idea is a testament to a calm style for a small bathroom.

small gray bathroom ideas

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