17 Small Shower Tile Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms to Inspire You

This post shows you the best small shower tile ideas to try today.

As a creative person, I enjoy the freedom of picking stylish ideas around the house.

Choosing the perfect tile design for the shower was one of the hardest tasks while revamping my tiny bathroom.

With limited space, you have to think hard to maximize the shower space and add a touch of personality to it.

Because of that, I have curated a list of shower tile ideas perfect for any tiny bathroom, from contemporary to classic styles.

Each of these ideas will make a big impact on your small shower. Get ready to create a mini bathroom masterpiece!

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Small Shower Tile Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms to Inspire You

The wood-look

Small Shower Tile Ideas: The wood-look
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/interiordecorating/comments/snkivx/who_says_woodlook_tiles_are_only_for_the_floor/#lightbox

The wood-look tiles will make you imagine you are taking a shower in a cute and cozy cabin.

They also add an element of warmth because of their color.

Be creative and lay the wood tiles in a zig-zag pattern to make a statement.

Terrazzo tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Terrazzo tiles
Source – https://www.instagram.com/katehomedesignandfindsnash/p/CytL0A9uUtN/?img_index=2

If you want something eye-catching and bright, this will suit you.

Terrazzo tiles on the floor will instantly glam up your shower.

The brown terrazzo floor tiles extending from the shower to the rest of the bathroom add color to an otherwise plain white bathroom.

Add some art with tile murals

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Add some art with tile murals
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/BfHUbydHtWl

Add some touch of art while installing the tiles in your shower.

With this idea, you will not have the stress of hanging multiple framed art on the wall.

See how the mural’s floral design gives life to the white tiles.

Pebble tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Pebble tiles
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ4cBHss1Ty

Do you always feel dull when you take morning showers?

Install pebble tiles for that spa look to elevate your morning shower.

You would imagine you are walking on soft rocks when you step on these pebble tiles.

The traditional subway tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: The traditional subway tiles
Source – https://www.facebook.com/PropertyBrothers/photos/a-simple-white-subway-tile-with-dark-grey-grout-and-matte-black-shower-curtain-s/1335600346475211/?paipv=0&eav=AfZqp7oON1gU3Wj3QNm2sUcSo42pUJhyCXnv3bXCy0sBnQc-ukdVo_MqzKDFeioxHEc&_rdr

This is a classic choice if you still want to keep the traditional tiles.

Pick white subway tiles for a brighter shower.

The white tiles are simple but elegant, timeless, and neat, making the whole bathroom look bright.

Hexagon tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Hexagon tiles
Source – https://www.instagram.com/tilewarehousett/p/Cj8JighO6oa

Forget about the standard rectangle tiles that everyone has in their bathroom.

Go for creative and stylish hexagon tiles.

There is a harmonious contrast between the hexagon wall tiles and the standard rectangular floor tiles.

Custom mosaic tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Custom mosaic tiles
Source – https://www.instagram.com/cementocollection/p/C0uJomLgGdJ

Do not be afraid to show off your style when picking tiles for your shower. Customize a mosaic pattern for the walls or the floor.

The floral black and white tiles from the shower to the rest of the bathroom create a magnificent pattern.

Herringbone tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Herringbone tiles
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/RoomPorn/comments/17zmqy4/herringbone_patterned_tile_shower_with_a/#lightbox

The herringbone patterned tiles are a way of adding movement to your shower.

This pattern makes your shower pop.

The green tiles arranged in this pattern are what this shower needed to complete the look.

Go all out with marble tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Go all out with marble tiles
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CDZJG4EHss8

Just because you do not have a large bathroom doesn’t mean you should not create a luxurious aesthetic.

Invest in marble tiles for that rich feel.

The subtle marble design on the tiles will display an exquisite aesthetic in your bathroom.

Emerald green tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Emerald green tiles
Source – https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=2626799290808643&set=a.249883585166904

This is the best idea for all the nature lovers.

With this color of tiles in your shower, you will feel like a royal walking through the jungle.

Feel free to add a few potted plants or vines to make the shower feel more like nature.

Large format tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Large format tiles
Source – https://www.facebook.com/PeriniTiles/photos/a.321109301251825/4022392651123453/?type=3

To make your shower feel bigger, choose the large format tiles.

It gives an expansive, elegant, and luxurious look.

The lines between the large tiles are barely visible creating a seamless look in the shower.

Vertical tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Vertical tiles
Source – https://twitter.com/JohnJBlatchford/status/1655966899849527298/photo/3

The vertical tiles will add some charm and character to your space. Pick one that stands out and makes your shower the room’s focal point.

This tiling style would be good for a shorter roof because it makes your shower feel taller.

Calming blue tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Calming blue tiles
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/RoomPorn/comments/vvwf2q/bluetiled_shower_with_a_skylight_in_a_renovated/#lightbox

No feeling is better than being at the beach.

Pick blue tiles in different shades to bring that coastal feel to your bathroom.

See how the variable shades of blue tiles bring a relaxing feel to the shower.

Zellige tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Zellige tiles
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/RoomPorn/comments/temhoz/zellige_tile_shower_in_the_main_bath_alameda

Zellige tiles are known for their Moroccan flair, adding a unique character with their imperfections and color variations.

These tiles create a visual interest in the shower. These tiles will make you believe there is beauty in imperfections.

Textured tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Textured tiles
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/Tile/comments/e8qllv/a_nice_wavy_shower_with_some_blue_herringbone_and/#lightboxSource – https://www.reddit.com/r/Tile/comments/e8qllv/a_nice_wavy_shower_with_some_blue_herringbone_and/#lightbox

If you enjoy being creative, the bathroom is the right place to show off your skills.

Get textured tiles to get rid of the plain look in your shower.

The textured wavy pattern on the tiles adds some class to the shower.

Fish scale tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: Fish scale tiles
Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CF2Z136JKEm/?img_index=1

The fish scale tiles add a playful look to the bathroom while keeping it cute.

It is perfect for someone who loves vibrant colors. The gold accents give the tiles a pop of color.

The dramatic tiles

Small Shower Tile Ideas: The dramatic tiles
Source – https://www.reddit.com/r/RoomPorn/comments/mjl8dc/bathroom_with_geometric_blue_tile_crawling_up_the

Dramatic tiles will wow your guests whenever they step into your bathroom.

Go for dramatic tiles that do not overbear the rest of the aesthetic in your bathroom.

These geometric blue tiles that start from the floor crawling to the roof will leave your guests talking.

Small Shower Tile Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms to Inspire You

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