Zaklina  Palmblad

Team Building

Help your business by helping your people

In the intense, 1-day team building workshop employees are encouraged to build stronger connections between themselves as well as strengthen their connections to the company.  Success of every company depends on these two key components.

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Companies are only as successful as their people are

Workshops provide ideal way for people to get inspired to become happier, healthier and most importantly to love themselves more! 

Though carefully designed exercises and lectures Zaklina is trained to lead people towards realizing how much power and potential they have within. She believes that improvement in any segment of life starts with loving oneself first and unfortunately not many people do so. Moreover, many people do not even realize how little love they give to themselves. 

These workshops are created for everyone who wants to embark on an inner journey. Even though they are lead in groups every person gets from it what he or she needs. If approached with an open heart and mind these exercises can work miracles in one’s life.  Being there and going through the process is amazingly liberating and feeling of freedom and power one feels after is thrilling and empowering. 

Anyone can participate, no matter the final goal they have. Only thing that is required is to be honest and willing to release old, unnecessary, heavy burdens and eager to embrace richer life.